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Fire Protection Assistant

The quick and above all correct fight of incipient fires not only protects your company values, but also your employees themselves and can at best save lives.

BRagsan will qualify your employees for fire protection assistants on one day - this way you will fulfill your obligation according to §10 ArbSchG. The training is regulated by the ASR A2.2.  

Fire protection assistants support the fire protection commissioner, carry out preventive fire protection activities, fight the incipient fires and guide in the incoming fire department. Please keep in mind that at least 5% of the employees in your company have to be trained and presented as a fire protection assistants.  

We carry out the training exclusively on your facilities and for a minimum of five participants. The cost is € 125.00 per person. It is a VAT-exepmt service according to §4 Nr. 21 a) bb) UStG.

Offer Date
Fire Protection Assistant Additional appointments on request

Further Education Offers

Upon request, we also carry out individual training courses with the desired topics around occupational health and safety. Contact us.



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