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Lecturer Hüseyin Batan

Hüseyin Batan

Mr. Batan has been managing companies as a specialist for occupational safety since 2014. The experiences that he collects, he gives vividly, and underpinned with examples from the everyday world of work, to the trainees. Apart from his job as a safety master, Mr. Batan is the specialist in the field of fire protection and data protection.

Lecturer Marcel Rudat

Marcel Rudat

Mr. Rudat is the owner of the company Rudat Arbeitsschutz and since 2011 he has been working as a specialist for occupational safety in the field of occupational health and safety. He knows how to pass on the experience he accumulates in his main activity to the trainees. In addition, he is our specialist in the field of hazardous substances and explosion protection and also works as an expert.

We will provide you with competent training as a safety commissioner, fire protection assistant and fire protection commissioner and help you to obtain the industrial truck/ground handling license!



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