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Fire Protection Commissioner

The fire protection commissioner is determined by the employer and performs preventive fire protection tasks within the company.

In order to fulfill this responsible task, a sound education is particularly important. The contents are regulated according to VdS 3111 and DGUV Information 205-003. In the metropolitan area of ​​Nuremberg, BRagsan is your competent partner who comprehensively trains you or your employees.  
Operational fire protection not only protects the profitability and success of your company, but also protects your employees from accidents. In order to live up to this importance, the training as a fire protection commissioner conveys extensive teaching content.   
Knowledge of the legal basics and fire science form the foundation of the training. This builds on the knowledge about the fire risks in the company and diverse dangers. The core topics of preventive fire protection are taught to you in the areas of structural and plant-specific fire protection. Applying conceptual measures and performing risk assessments is taught to you in organizational fire safety and fire safety management. You will also be prepared for cooperation with authorities, fire brigades and insurers.   
An exam consisting of a written and an oral part will complete the training. The participants should have at least a completed vocational training. For companies with an increased risk of fire, a special qualification is recommended for the fire protection commissioner, such as a special fire training, training as a specialist for occupational safety or university / FH studies with a focus on fire protection.   
We are happy to carry out the training directly in your company. The number of participants is limited to twelve people.   
The cost of the training is € 980.00 per person. This is a VAT-exempt service in accordance with §4 no. 21 a) bb) UStG.

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Fire Protection Commissioner Appointment on request

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