Occupational Health and Safety Academy Nuremberg


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Our educational offers comply with the current requirements of the accident prevention regulations.

Basis of education for...

Safety Commissioner: DGUV information 211-042

Fire Protection Commissioner: DGUV information 205-003

Fire Protection Assistant: DGUV information 205-023

Industrial Trucks: DGUV principle 308-001

We offer training services for you in Nuremberg.

Safety Commissioner Nuremberg

BRagsan educates your employees to safety commissioners for your company in the metropolregion of Nuremberg. Read more [...]

Fire Protection Assistant Nuremberg

The quick and above all correct fight of incipient fires not only protects your company values, but also your employees themselves and can at best save lives. Read more [...]

Fire Protection Commissioner Nuremberg

The fire protection commissioner is determined by the employer and performs preventive fire protection tasks within the company. Read more [...]

Industrial Truck License Nuremberg

In your company, we train you to attain the industrial truck license - colloquially referred to as forklift license - in accordance with the current regulations.Read more [...]


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